Safety for Kids

Trusted family and parents, good friends that you know should always be with you, wherever you go; to school or back home, or out where you play, bring your friends and your family to brighten your day.

If you are walking along, and home seems so far, don't fall for the line "come, get into my car." Don't pay attention, don't even go near. If a stranger asks you to help find something, or offers a ride, money or gifts, say "no" and get away fast.

Tips for Kids

  • If you get lost from your parents at the mall or a store, stay where you are and don't leave with anyone for any reason. Your parents are going to come back for you at the last place they saw you.
  • Lights are good friends at home or outside at night. When outside, stay where it's bright and open. Get home before it gets dark.
  • You have a right not to let anyone touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. Say "no" and tell someone you trust if you ever have a problem.
  • Make a list of phone numbers you can call in an emergency. Don't give strangers information over the phone. Talk to your parents about who is allowed in your house when they are not at home.
  • Always have a Safe House in your neighborhood that you can go to if you need help and you aren't near your house.
  • Remember - you can trust a police officer to help you. We care about kids.