Reports & Permits

Anonymous Crime Tips

Submit an anonymous crime tip online. These messages are not checked 24/7. If you see crime happening, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Accident, Complaint & Incident Reports

If you are involved in a police case and need a copy of the report, contact the Police Administrative Assistant at 412-221-2170 during regular business hours. A $20 fee applies. To file a new report, call 911 and request an officer. Reports cannot be taken by phone.

Alarm Device Application

The Alarm Device Application must be used to submit a request to the South Fayette police to allow the operation of an alarm device within your residence or business within the township.

Solicitation Permit

The Solicitation Permit Request form must used to submit a request to the South Fayette police to allow door-to-door solicitations within the township. Cost is $50/day, per person.

Vacation Checks

Going on vacation but concerned about the security of your home? South Fayette Township police officers will perform security checks on your premises while you are away for an extended period. Complete the Vacation Check Request Form and return it to the police station during regular business hours.

Traffic & Speeding Complaints

Citizens may notify police of a specific traffic concern. Police responses could include placing a police car and officer in the area to observe traffic or temporarily posting a speed limit monitoring trailer. Call 911 for immediate concerns, or report an ongoing speeding concern through the township website.

Abandoned Vehicles

Police officers will investigate abandoned vehicles that are parked on public streets and have either expired inspection or registration stickers. Abandoned vehicles on private property are investigated by township Code Enforcement; call 412-221-8700.