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The Building & Code Enforcement staff deals with building and zoning code enforcement, residential and commercial building inspections and permits, and construction issues. The department issues permits for decks, fences, swimming pools and other common residential and commercial structures. The Uniform Construction Code (UCC) is applied throughout Pennsylvania, including South Fayette Township.
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How do I get a permit for a residential deck, fence, shed or pool?

Here are some guidelines to get you started with the most common residential accessory structures—decks, fences, sheds and swimming pools. Fees are outlined in the township's Fee Resolution.

  1. Fill out a residential Building Permit Application and submit it to the South Fayette Township Building Department, along with a check for the permit fee. Applications will not be reviewed until payment is made in full, as follows:
    • Deck or Porch: please call for cost
    • Fence: $25
    • Shed: $40
    • Pool or Hot Tub (Above Ground): $50
    • Pool (In Ground): $100
  2. Provide a property survey to show compliance with zoning and setback requirements.
  3. Supply detailed construction drawings of your plans.
  4. The South Fayette Township Building Code Official/Inspector gives each applicant a list of required inspections, which may vary depending on the project details. Inspections will ensure your structure meets all safety and code requirements.

State Tax Assessment

Certain building permits require the township to charge a $4.50 flat Pennsylvania state tax. Details are available from the Building Department.