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John Kanaskie of the Planning & Engineering Department has created a stormwater-themed word search. Complete and return the word search, along with your name and mailing address, and we will mail you a free refrigerator magnet!

About Stormwater

The common downspout—which carries rainwater from gutter to ground—along with pipes, ponds, drains, bridges and other features, make up the widespread infrastructure every community needs to give the rain somewhere to go.

The goal is to direct all stormwater (another name for rainwater and snowmelt) into streams, creeks and rivers so that water reenters the natural cycle, all the while aiming to minimize flooding, avoid erosion and protect water quality.

See locations of stormwater facilities on South Fayette Township’s stormwater map.

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In 2015, AMEC Foster Wheeler of Carnegie completed a study of the township's stormwater management system (PDF) to determine exactly what we have, what we need, and what we should do to update our infrastructure.

South Fayette Township staff members are using the study results to help make decisions about planning and budgeting for annual repairs and system improvements.

Where Water Goes

Water flow chart diagram
Stormwater Runoff Diagram

Stormwater Education

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Photo Slideshow: Thanks to everyone who joined us for the free program "Clean Water Is Everybody’s Business" at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. Participants had the opportunity to learn about rain gardens, rain barrels, where rain drains, and more, thanks to South Fayette’s partnership with ASSET STEM Education and fellow municipalities North Fayette, Findlay, Collier and Moon.