Occupancy Registration

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Sanitary Sewer
  4. Tax Certification

Residential Occupancy

When an existing home is sold to a new owner, the closing company, real estate agent, lending institution or private party acquires two items from South Fayette Township: (1) a Residential Occupancy Registration (PDF) listing the new buyer's (NOT the current owner's) information and (2) a Municipal No-Lien Letter. The registration information is required by the township, Allegheny County and the Earned Income Tax collector.

In addition, the local sewer authority must issue a No-Lien Letter and Dye Test/Lateral Inspection, and the local Real Estate Tax collector must issue a tax certification.

Residential Occupancy Registration & Municipal No-Lien Letter

  1. Mail a written request for a Municipal No-Lien Letter ($30.00) and Residential Occupancy Registration (PDF) ($30.00) along with a $60.00 check payable to South Fayette Township. A No-Lien Letter affirms that the township is not owed any debt on the property. The request should include:
    • Seller name(s)
    • Buyer name(s)
    • Property address
    • Estimated closing date

All correspondence must be mailed to: 

South Fayette Township
515 Millers Run Road
Morgan, PA 15064

Vacant Land or Builder's Lot

  • A Municipal No-Lien Letter is required
  • Occupancy Registration is not required


If you are staying in your home and refinancing your mortgage (no transfer of ownership), you must acquire a Municipal No-Lien Letter, but you do not need a new Occupancy Registration. Refinancing also requires a No-Lien Letter from the sewer authority and a tax certification from the real estate tax collector (see guidelines below).

New Construction

Different requirements are in place for newly built homes. Call the Building Department at 412-221-8700 for details.