2024 Trash Service Changes

96-gallon trash cart with wheels

Pictured: Automated trash pickup would come with a wheeled cart like this.

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Trash collection service will change in early 2024.

Waste haulers recently provided bids for collection services in 19 communities through the South Hills Area Council of Governments. Waste Management, the current hauler in South Fayette Township, earned the 5-year contract.

South Fayette Township pays for waste collection services directly through tax revenue; residents are not billed. The current annual cost of trash and recycling collection is about $1.47 million. No matter what option goes into effect, the cost of waste service will rise by at least 40% starting in 2024.

For the years 2024 to 2028, the township must choose a garbage collection option. Either way, the garbage service will change from the way it is currently.

Please note that with both options:

  • Automated recycling service stays the same, except glass bottles and jars will be accepted again.
  • Recycling bins remain the 64-gallon carts that currently are in use
  • Special, designated collections of leaf and yard waste will be held periodically, using biodegradable paper bags placed at the curb (same as the current procedure). Outside of these special collections, yard waste is treated like any other bag of trash.

The township must select one of these two options for garbage collection:

Automated Trash Cart (costs less)

  • 96-gallon wheeled cart provided free of charge to each home
    • Residents have option to change to a smaller cart (64-gallon or 32-gallon) after 60 days.
      • Container Volumes:
      • 96-gallon tote holds approximately 7-8 tall kitchen bags
      • 64-gallon tote holds approximately 4-5 tall kitchen bags
      • 32-gallon tote holds approximately 2-3 tall kitchen bags 
    • A household can rent an additional cart for a yearly fee (approx $110/year to cover the cost of collecting and disposing of that additional waste; this fee essentially covers the additional cost of pickup and disposal for households with more waste)
    • Personal, store-bought cans/bins/carts are not permitted
    • Special arrangements would be made with certain neighborhoods or streets where automated pickup is not possible.
    • Service adjustments for people with limited mobility, unusual topography and other special issues would occur as needed
  • Cart fits up to 8 bags of trash
  • Carts are picked up by a truck with an automated arm, like recycling is collected now
  • All trash must fit inside cart
  • 2 bulk items per month (furniture, etc.) can be placed at curb, outside the cart, during a designated monthly bulk collection day
  • Less expensive: Costs $11 million over 5 years

Manual Trash Collection (costs more)

  • Residents continue using own garbage cans
  • Pickup limited to 5 bags of trash
  • Garbage is picked up manually
  • 2 bulk items per month (furniture, etc.) can be placed at curb, outside the cart, during a designated monthly bulk collection day
  • More expensive: Costs $12.4 million over 5 years--about $1.4 million more than automated cart option

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