Are eastern coyotes a threat to people?

Coyotes usually steer clear of people. They’ll leave an area at the first sign of human intrusion.

But under the cover of darkness, as human activities slow almost to a halt, coyotes sneak into areas they normally avoid during daylight hours. They canvass agricultural fields, visit picnic sites and backyards in rural areas, and work the waysides of interstate highways in their quest for food. Most people bump into coyotes while hunting, hiking or driving at night.

Coyotes rarely display aggressive behavior toward people. If people appear, they usually run. That’s good.

Still, coyotes deserve our respect. Barring the black bear, it’s the state’s largest predatory animal. That should be enough reason for anyone to give this animal due respect.

There have been a few incidents in the northeastern United States where coyotes have attacked people. Why is unclear, but those who study these animals believe the coyotes mistook the persons attacked as wildlife prey.

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