Who maintains stormwater basins?

Most planned neighborhoods include their own stormwater basins to control water that “runs off” the development. Basins are designed to collect rainwater and snowmelt and redirect it into natural waterways to reduce flooding and erosion.

The vast majority of stormwater basins in the township are owned by HOAs, with a handful owned by other private entities or the township. HOAs are responsible for maintaining and repairing their own stormwater facilities.

An important task of HOAs is to provide the township with the results of periodic inspections of their basins and related stormwater management system—including HOA-owned storm pipes—in line with the original engineering design and by following the recommendations of a storm system design professional.

In addition to HOAs providing their own inspections, the township is required by the state to inspect all stormwater facilities from time to time for compliance with the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program, managed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection under the federal Clean Water Act.

The program—which includes all HOA-owned detention basins—requires each community’s stormwater management system to return clean water to streams, creeks and rivers. Polluted water could lead to fines and penalties.

Under the MS4 program, South Fayette Township has implemented a process to regularly inspect detention basins throughout the community. Inspection reports, along with required maintenance information, are sent to basin owners and kept on file at the township building. HOAs must repair any problems discovered during inspections.

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