How do I geocache in South Fayette Township parks?
  1. Explore and set up an account. Accounts are free, but there is a paid option for upgraded features..
  2. Find one of the South Fayette Township park’s geocaches using the search feature. Here are the GC codes for the geocaches in South Fayette Township parks:
    • Fairview Park: GC8XVDT and GC8XV30
    • Sturgeon Park: GC8XTZN
    • Morgan Park: GC7FC1T
    • Boys Home Park: GC8NXAF
    • Preservation Park: GC8KE58 and GC8NX87
  3. Pick out the geocaches that you’d like to try first. We recommend having a couple of options.
  4. Download the app on your smartphone or download the coordinates to your preferred GPS device.
  5. Head to the park and start exploring! The app or GPS device will tell you where to generally find the cache, but not the specifics on how to get there or where it might be hiding. That’s up to you to figure out!
  6. Once you find the cache, log your find in the log book found with the cache and on the app or website.

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