How do I reserve a pavilion?
  1. Open the South Fayette Parks and Recreation online registration page, and select the "Reservations and Permits" tile.Screenshot 2022-02-03 121306
  2. Choose what pavilion you are interested in reserving. Or click "All Pavilions" to search all pavilion availability.Screenshot 2022-02-04 114139
  3.  Search through the calendar for desired date. If the date is available, click on the green box on the available day that you would like to reserve.Screenshot 2022-02-04 114656
  4. Choose the reservation times by clicking the appropriate individual 1-hour time slots. The item(s) selected will display at the bottom of the screen. Then click "Add to Cart."Screenshot 2022-02-04 115016
  5. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in. You will then choose what family member is making the reservations. Then click "Continue."Screenshot 2022-02-04 120316
  6. You will be asked to answer a few questions related to your rental and agree to the Cancellation, Date Change and Rental Policies. You will have the opportunity to add on other pavilion features, if available. Then you will review the Facility Rental Waiver and sign electronically with your mouse. Click "Continue."

    Screenshot 2022-02-04 120603Screenshot 2022-02-04 120659
  7. Review your shopping cart. Click "Proceed to Checkout." NOTE: Service fees will be added on the next screen.Screenshot 2022-02-04 121051
  8. You will see a summary of charges. You will be paying the MINIMUM AMOUNT DUE TODAY or you can pay full balance. Type the minimum amount due or amount you would like to pay in the box that says "Amount To Be Paid Today." (This may change when service fee is applied). Scroll down and review the billing information. Then type in credit card information. Click the reCAPTCHA box and Click "Continue."Screenshot 2022-02-04 121448Screenshot 2022-02-04 121701
  9. A confirmation email will be sent with a PDF receipt.

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