How does Public Works prepare for winter maintenance?
Winter operations occur year-round. Each season requires different tasks to be completed to achieve successful winter maintenance.

  • Hold post-winter meeting
  • Solicit public feedback
  • Organize winter data
  • Perform spring cleanup
  • Conduct road field inspections
  • Develop comprehensive snow plan of action

  • Start to implement action plan
  • Plan drainage work to eliminate ice problems
  • Complete equipment and material storage building repairs
  • Complete obstruction removal (lower manholes)
  • Remedy action-prone areas
  • Prepare bids and specifications for equipment and materials

Fall (Early)
  • Place first order for salt and anti-skid materials
  • Finalize snow agreement with neighbors
  • Update snow map

Fall (Late)
  • Inspect, prepare, and calibrate winter equipment
  • Conduct employee winter training
  • Discuss any new procedures with union
  • Meet with school district officials
  • Conduct dry runs of all snow routes

  • Be prepared for 1st storm
  • Conduct operational review during storm
  • Review operations after the storm
  • Complete and review all winter documentation (CDL checklist, CDL requirements, run sheets)

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