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Sep 13

Mutual understanding key for police and citizens of diverse backgrounds

Posted to Chief's Corner by Andrea Iglar

South Fayette Township is a microcosm of our ever-changing world. Citizens and law enforcement officers both must recognize that today we live in a more global world than a decade ago, especially with the Internet and social media at our fingertips for instant communication. People are interacting with one another more frequently than ever, which means it is of the upmost importance that we understand each other’s culture and way of life.

As your Chief of Police, I am looking into various ways that we as law enforcement officers can meet this challenge head-on by understanding the backgrounds of people who live and work in South Fayette Township. Communication is the key to understanding each other. Not only do we want to help increase police officers’ understanding of citizens, but we also want to assist people from different cultures with understanding local laws and customs.

In the near future, I would like to coordinate a forum for residents of various cultural backgrounds to come together in one setting to discuss any questions or concerns that people may have about our community and how our police department conducts its day-to-day operations. My hope is that this meeting will help our police department better understand our citizens and help ensure a safe community in which we all can live and prosper.

John R. Phoennik
Jul 02

Township seeks connections with homeowner associations

Posted to Manager's Message by Andrea Iglar

Thousands of South Fayette residents belong to a homeowner association, or HOA, so it is easy to see the value in strengthening the township’s working relationship with HOA boards and their members.

While HOAs differ slightly in their organization and standards, they all exist for one very simple reason: to preserve and protect the value of property.

By providing maintenance to common areas and stormwater facilities, HOAs set examples for their members to follow. They also can play a vital role in resolving neighborhood property disputes. When properly functioning, an HOA can be a great ally to the township and an asset to the community as a whole.

In many ways, the mission of South Fayette Township and the mission of an effective HOA are aligned. Just as an HOA exists to preserve and protect the value of property, the township exists to preserve and protect public investments, interests and infrastructure.

The township strives to provide all residents with efficient services such as providing a safe and reliable road network, maintaining a well-trained and organized police force, offering park amenities and recreational programs, and enforcing local codes and ordinances. We also strive to create a sense of community by coordinating public events and providing forums for open communication and discussion.

South Fayette Township would like to form strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with all HOAs. With this aim in mind, we have created an HOA webpage where homeowner associations can check in through the HOA Roll Call to share their needs and concerns. Our staff is available to attend an HOA board meeting or answer questions about your specific neighborhood.

I would like to emphasize that the township provides the same services to all residents regardless of whether they belong to an HOA. If you need assistance with any township service, please contact the township office at 412-221-8700, visit the township website or follow us on social media.

I look forward to connecting with our residents!

John M. Barrett
South Fayette Township Manager