John M. Barrett

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John M. Barrett
Township Manager

Mar 29

Building project to help define township's progress

Posted on March 29, 2022 at 10:21 AM by Andrea Iglar

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Joe Horowitz to reflect on the changes South Fayette Township has experienced over his 10 years with the South Fayette Township Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Horowitz shared stories and personal accounts of the growth and advancement of township operations, including the police department.

Hearing him reflect on the significant changes in the community inspired me to think about the next 10 years and what events will define our progress.

What comes to mind for me is the construction of our new, 36,000-square-foot municipal center, including a police station. This building will be a major milestone for South Fayette and a testament to the hard work of our past and present community leaders.

The facility will provide township offices, public meeting facilities and a modern police station that will support the police department’s status as a professional law enforcement agency.

Projected to be completed next summer, the 18,000-square foot police station will include space for in-house training, evidence storage, much-needed office space and, of course, a proper kennel for Ellie Faye, our police bloodhound.

Additionally, the new building will house our administrative offices, commissioners chamber and public meeting room. The larger, more modern facility will provide staff with sufficient space and equipment to carry out operations and grow along with the community.

As you can imagine, I am excited to see this project unfold. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of former boards, township employees and other community leaders who have paved the way for progress.

We will continue to pay it forward and work hard to ensure future generations also are set up for success.

John M. Barrett
Township Manager

Jan 28

Momentum to carry into New Year

Posted on January 28, 2022 at 2:49 PM by Andrea Iglar

Reflecting on the past year, I am proud to say that 2021 was very successful for South Fayette Township.

We witnessed the much-anticipated completion and opening of the Southern Beltway. We paved 36 roads as part of our $1.5 million annual road improvement program. We saw more than $43 million of private investment in commercial real estate projects.

It is safe to say that South Fayette has adapted well to the challenges of the pandemic, a testament to the community’s resilient character. There are plenty of reasons to believe our positive momentum will carry into 2022.

For example, South Fayette Township recently was awarded a $1 million grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to install ball fields with artificial-turf infields in Fairview Park. We are pleased to be able to add park amenities without relying solely on tax revenues. We are very excited about the Mayview site expansion of Fairview Park, where a splash pad and dog park are expected to open this year.

Other capital improvement projects in 2022 include improvements to Morgan Park, restroom installations at Boys Home Park and Preservation Park, coordination of $250,000 in stormwater improvements, vehicle and equipment replacements in the Public Works Department and construction of a new municipal center/police station.

Also in 2022, we will also welcome two new officers to the police department, along with an additional employee in public works.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is beginning several significant road construction projects in South Fayette this year, including the Chartiers Bridge widening project and improvements to the Boyce-Mayview intersection.

Undoubtedly, the township is poised to have a very productive year, and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that await us.

We are South Fayette!

John M. Barrett
Township Manager

Nov 05

Community Center process under way

Posted on November 5, 2021 at 9:29 AM by Andrea Iglar

We value your voice.

As your local government organization, we strive to gather public feedback to inform the major decisions affecting the future of our growing community.

Earlier this year, we asked you to participate in a survey related to our Comprehensive Plan and received more than 700 responses. You can view the results on our website.

Now, I am asking you to respond to another survey—this time, to hear how you would use a proposed South Fayette Community Center with a Recreation Facility and Library.

Some of you may recall similar concepts in prior years and perhaps offered your opinions on those. While there are valid reasons these past proposals never materialized, I am pleased to share that South Fayette Township is poised to begin a new process to design and construct a community center on township-owned property along Hickory Grade Road.

The center would include recreation, fitness and community facilities, as well as an expanded South Fayette Township Library.

The South Fayette Township Board of Commissioners, the township and library staff, and Kimmel Bogrette Architecture have developed a preliminary plan to set up this project for success, but we also need support and input from the community at large.

Please take the time to provide us with your candid feedback.

The online survey will be open from Mon. Nov. 8 through Tues. Nov. 30.

Thank you for continuing to make your voice heard so we can better serve you in South Fayette Township.


John M. Barrett

Township Manager

Community Center Survey Ad